Costa Rica

Linda gives creativity workshops and art lessons on tours in other places, near and far. Contact her for your next tour. Here is a sample:

For detailed itinerary click on:   Art-in-Nature Retreat Pacific Side 2018

Last January’s 2017 tour was remarkable–unlike any Costa Rica tour (and reasonably priced). Tours are planned when the weather is at its best. Stay at some places only accessible by plane or boat. Key sites in Costa Rica are included on the tour, as well as some unusual highlights not found on a typical tour, plus creativity/art sessions for beginners and experienced artists to improve skills. For those interested in the workshops, Linda enlivens creativity and is a master of achieving depth and dimension for drawing and painting in the media of your choice.

Contact Linda, if you are interested in receiving news of any future workshops and tours, or if you would like her to join your tour.

Prior Art workshops in Encinitas prior to Costa Rica:

For more about Linda’s lessons and workshops, see her web page Lessons and Workshops.