Portable architectural feature: 6′ long.

“Painting murals has been my lifetime passion. Each mural transforms a place into a refreshing and healing environment.”

Linda has a special interest in the subliminal effects art has on people. She designs murals to enhance emotions and productivity.

Murals can be designed to relax people and create healing a environment. Or they can be designed to be energizing, educational, or even humorous. The colors, composition, and subject matter all affect the emotional content–the sensation felt by the viewer.

Her murals and paintings are used to reinforce corporate brand and as a recruitment/retention tool to attract employees with a novel workplace and to reduce turnover. Her art creates a distinctive and fun work environment.

Paint is applied directly on the walls, canvas or panels (portable for shipping; removable for wall repainting/remodeling). Murals may have realistic details or they may have a graphic or expressive style.  The fee is determined by the size, the amount of subject matter and the amount of detail you wish to have.

Examples:  Linda designs murals to make a room feel more relaxing, open, and spacious.

Restaurant and cafeteria murals on removable panels.
Restaurant and cafeteria murals (on removable panels).
Hahn Consulting, Del Mar.
Mex ArchEnhancd 4WEBJ
Exterior patio mural, Palm Desert.
Mural on canvas. Indigenous fish of Tahiti. Santa Monica College.
Mural on canvas. Indigenous fish of Tahiti. Santa Monica College.
The life-sized doorways (7 feet tall) and window openings are either hand-painted or archival giclees on canvas (three pictured above are available and ready to ship). To see more images, sizes and color options, contact Linda.

A mural will turn a building into a landmark in the community. When people see a daily reminder that an establishment stands for something, that building takes on a new dimension (below).

Kenilworth Inn
Above: To revitalize the community and increase tourism, Linda was selected to create an exterior mural of Ramona’s historic Kenilworth Inn with a Model-T. Her two children, Ian and Alexi Foster, posed as vintage characters to create a more detailed story, suggesting that the two characters were time travelers visiting present day Ramona. Long time residents of Ramona, who were familiar with the inn, were excited to see the inn again in mural form. The inn was destroyed in a fire in 1943. It was a much loved landmark of the community. The mural was created on panels. In 2021, it was relocated to its new home at the Ramona Valley Inn, 416 main St.


Z Children's Mural LindaLuisi

To learn more, listen to Linda’s 20 minute talk “A Lifetime of Art: Unforeseen Lessons Learned” (on website TALKS page).