Lessons and Workshops

Fun and Skill-Building for All Levels and Abilities

“Teaching is a thrill: seeing students enjoy creativity and acquire skills they previously thought were impossible. Everyone is fully capable of being artistic. By teaching with openness and a sense of adventure, the magic of it all is for everyone to enjoy.โ€

All classes are for all levels: first-time beginners and those with experience to improve skills, with individual attention to advance at your own pace.

Above: Linda (in red) giving painting tips amidst jungle foliage: Karen Huber (background) and Lisa Curry (foreground).

“Linda Luisi is delight to have as an instructor. Her lessons are clear, packed with insight, and directed toward what each student needs most. Kind and thoughtful, Luisi is an asset to the art world. I have learned much about composition, technique, creating a vibrant color palette, and have a better overall art aesthetic. Being in her class is a wonderful investment that I highly recommend.” – Cherie Kephart, author of A Few Minor Adjustments

Above: Linda painting hummingbirds to donate for a Humane Society fundraiser.

————–Encinitas, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018:

Drawing/Painting at lagoons. parks and other scenic locations. Contact Linda for more dates.ย  The lagoons are lovely, full of egrets, foliage, and waterways. Enjoy a relaxing and fun morning. Bring lunch if you wish to stay longer.

REGISTER IN ADVANCE: Must RSVP–class dates may change, so confirm with me and register in advance. What to bring? I will send an email to you with suggestions. RSVP asap.

Questions? Contact Linda.

————–Encinitas, Thursdays in October from 9:00am-10:30am, 2018:

Draw/paint with any media with individual attention for beginners and those with experience will improve skills. Linda is expert in highlights, shading, depth, and much needed perspective. Learn to create subject matter that is dimensional, well-grounded and in proper proportion. Realistic, expressive, abstract.

————–Encinitas: 2017

————–North County San Diego and beyond:

You are invited to create your own semi-private art class: ย For beginners & those with experience at your home (indoors or outside patio) or other location of your choice for a small class w/ individual attention: drawing, brushwork, color mixing, pastel on toned paper, perspective, collage, composition, how to create more aesthetic & polished art. Linda, known for depth & dimension, teaches realism/expressive/abstract. Step-by-step for beginners; advanced techniques for those w/ experience.

With media of your choice: pencils, pastels, water pencils, paint, collage. Be inspired by the patio landscape, simply one Zen-like leaf, or bring a favorite subject matter–travel photos, pet photo, or Linda will provide a lesson for you.

Contact Linda if you would like to host a class at your home, a park, or other location.

Groups and Private Lessons (in person or online)

Creativity Workshops at your home or organization, for fun, for morale and bonding: for non-artists and artists.ย  All ages.

Slide Presentations and Workshops: for artists and non-artists to improve the understanding and enjoyment of art, and to learn how to create more aesthetic and professional art.

Draw/Paint Outdoors: En Plein Air at the botanic gardens, lagoons, Leo Carrillo Ranch, sunsets at the beach. Contact Linda to set up a group.

NEWS FLASH: Costa Rica Nature Tour with Mindfulness Creativity was amazing (January 2017). We re-toured in February 2018. For nature-lovers, non-artists, artists, family, friends. Expand your observation skills and be creative while on tour in another country Participate in mindfulness creativity sessions. Details about our prior trip are on the Costa Rica website page. Contact Linda to be on the email list to hear about future tours and contact her to join your own tour.

a Px my work
Linda teaches perspective. Above are examples of her mural and painting commissions requiring perspective. Realistic, expressive, and abstract art require perspective for subject matter to look well grounded and for objects to be sized properly depending how near or far they are. A solid knowledge of perspective will add more depth and dimension to your work.

Workshops/Demos/Slide Presentations:

  • Art Appreciation
  • Basic Drawing and Painting
  • Portfolio Coaching
  • Mindfulness Creativity Sessions for Relaxation and Fun
  • How to Achieve Depth and Dimension (including Perspective)
  • How to Create Abstract, Impressionist and Expressive Art
  • En Plein Air: Painting and Travel Sketching
  • Mural Painting and Trompe L’Oeil
  • Techniques of New and Old Masters
  • Sketching Interiors and Landscape Designs
  • Subliminal Effects in Design and Fine Art
  • Color Mixing; Color Balance; Color Harmony
  • Composition: Painting/Collage/Any Media
  • Improvisational Creativity for Personal and Professional Growth
  • Teamwork and Communication through Art (Classroom/Workplace)
  • Illustration
  • Art for the Retention of Academics
  • Tessellations and Patterns in Nature
  • Woven Paper Art
  • Rock Painting (for fun)

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